NuRide Tower

An exciting new project that will revolutionize the FHV industry   

Fleet Management Facilities

Facilities for high-tech management, maintenance, and repair   

Dispatch Center

A central office overseeing daily operations, schedules, and rides   

Parking Facilities

Hubs for hosting fleet vehicles, with space available to rent   

Customer Service Center

Hosting all customer service, sales calls, and external relations   

Mobile Apps Leveraging Machine Learning

Apps that use data to expand and improve calculations   

Scalable, Intelligent Fleet Management & Support

Digital and operational management for fleets of any size   

Route Optimization Incorporating Data Science

Applying historical and real-time data to continuous optimize routes.   

Cloud-Base, Fully Autonomous Dispatch

Dispatch algorithms and processes requiring virtually no input   

Seamless, Integrated Communications

A communications platform that connects all verticals and entities   

Community Car & Airport

Stylish cars for standard rides and prearranged airport travel   

Non-Emergency Medical Transportation

Designed to serve the elderly and disability communities   

Corporate Black Car

Luxury, high-end vehicles for clients in the corporate sector   


An environmentally-conscious and technologically advanced fleet   

Green Outer Boro Taxi

Wheelchair-accessible service for all five boroughs of NY